3 Pop Culture Podcasts to Listen to if You Enjoy 90s Nostalgia

Podcasts may be the future but these shows will blast you into the past.

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Radio shows are a thing of the past. At this point, it is hard to imagine a world without podcasts. These days everyone and their mothers have one. All you have to do is go to your podcast app, type in any interest and there is a podcast for you. If you are a person who loves a visual, now podcaster will upload their talks at the table on Youtube. You can listen to podcasts that will blast you right into the past. Rewatch podcasts are all the rage now, feeding a nostalgic audience. Cast members from your favorite past shows are now telling it all on podcasts. From thoughts on episodes to never told behind-the-scenes stories, these podcasts might be worth the listen.

Lance Bass Presents: Frosted Tips

Lance Bass Presents: Frosted Tips — iheartradio

In the 1990s boy bands were inescapable. You were either a N*Sync fan or a Backstreet Boys (BSB) fan, you could never admit if you like both. Of course, they were not the only boy bands that ruled the planet. ‘Frosted Tips’ is a podcast hosted by N*Sync’s Lance Bass. He invited members of different boy bands onto his show. They have conversations about their experiences being in a boy band during the 90s/early 00s. His guest varies from AJ Mcclean from BSB to members of LFO, New Edition, and O-Town.

One of Lance’s notable guests from an earlier member was JC Chasez from N*Sync. Lance dug deep with JC about their time with N*Sync and JC’s time on the 90s Mickey Mouse Club. Things got juicy in this episode when Lance said the quiet part out loud about JC’s solo career. JC and former bandmate Justin Timberlake had solo albums being released. They were both signed to JIVE records. It was said that JIVE put more attention on Justin’s debut and hung JC out to dry. He finally said what we were all thinking.


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